The Real Estate Companies Association of Japan



The Real Estate Companies Association of Japan aims to contribute to improving the national economy and lifestyle of Japan by contributing to the real-estate industry as a whole, as well as the healthy developement of real-estate related businesses such as the supply of housing and urban development.


March 1963


Masanobu Komoda
(President and Chief Executive Officer, MITSUI FUDOSAN CO.,LTD.)


The following are operations conducted to achieve our mission.
1 Studies and research on the real estate businesses including supply and development of a good stock of housing, office facilities, etc., promotion of urban development such as urban renaissance and redevelopment projects, promotion of the real estate securitization business, and promotion of environmental initiatives
2 Submission of proposals and opinions concerning the above item
3 Provision of information, dissemination of knowledge and providing consultations related to real estate and real estate businesses
4 Provision of workshops for real estate transaction agents
5 Implementation of philanthropic activities through supporting disaster recovery, academic, etc.
6 Provision of information, implementation of training and such for the promotion of member activities
7 Other operations necessary to achieve the mission of our Association

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